Smarter eBikes

Katei Tech is developing a set of products for eBikes which provide a new type of additional functionality and services for the users.

Customisable Blackbox (under development)

The core of our Blackbox is the central operating unit residing deep inside the bicycle frame, protected from theft and elements of nature. The blackbox provides functionality for several separate modules which are attached to it based on the package user wants to have and adds functionality which is not available in eBikes currently. Each module functions as its own product providing specific service or functionality to the user and can be used alone or together with other modules.

We will offer several products based on this system and with small a monthly fee also enable easy cloud uploads of video and still photos from bike rides, live location tracking and location history, allowed / blocked zones, speed history etc.

We are currently working with this product and our focus is in software development and component optimization & testing to create the best possible commercial version of the unit.

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